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15 Delicious Street Foods Of India To Amp Up Your Tea-Time

When you want to add an Indian flavor to your tea-time, reach for some of these delicious street foods. They’ll give your tea an invigorating kick that you won’t forget in a hurry!

1. Dal Bhat (Lentils with Rice)

This North Indian dish is made with lentils, rice, and spices. It’s hearty and filling, so we recommend pairing it with some vegetable curries or naan bread to round out the meal.

2. Vada Pav (Bread Roll with Potato Filling)

What could be more satisfying than a piping hot Gujarati vada pav? These delicious potato-filled rolls are perfect for a snack or an afternoon pick-me-up. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, top them off with some chaat masala sauce—yum!

3. Pakora (fried dough balls coated in chickpea batter)

Pakora are a popular street food in India that are typically fried and veg-based. You can find them at virtually any street food stand in India, and they make for a great appetizer or snack. Be sure to pair them with a sweet and tangy chutney for the perfect balance of flavors.

4. Chaat (Tandoori chicken chaat)

Chaat is one of India’s most popular street foods and is made up of flavorful tidbits like skewered chicken or mutton cooked inside spicy chickpea batter. It’s perfect for dipping into chaat masala sauce or tahini dip, although you’re never too far from a side of naan or samosas too!

5. Manna Kadai (Spicy Chicken Curry)

Manna Kadai is a classic South Indian dish that features succulent chicken cooked in a creamy coconut curry sauce. The spice levels can be adjusted depending on your preference, so feel free to adjust the amount of chili pepper called for in the recipe if you’re worried about being too hot for your taste buds!

6. Pani Puri (Bhel Puri)

Pani puri refers to both the drink and the deliciously puffed rice snacks that go along with it. The drink is basically water mixed with chopped up fresh fruit, pandanus leaf, tamarind seeds, tapioca pearls, mint leaves and salt—all seasoned with cumin seeds and turmeric powder to give it that distinctive masala flavor profile. For the puris, use either boiled lightly or steamed flavoring puris—either julienne style or shaped into cylindrical puffs like ours here at Edible Perspective East Coast Headquarters!

7. Upma (Uttapam / Vegetable Upma)

Upma is essentially fluffy omelet made from rice and mung beans which gets its name from its typical filling—mixed vegetables simmered in a

1. Chaat: A mix of curried potatoes, chickpeas, onions, and cilantro wrapped in a crispy chapati bread and served with yogurt or chutney.

2. Dosa: A thin batter made from ground rice and lentils, then rolled into a dough and deep fried. It is usually savory with spices like onion, garlic, and chili pepper, and served with masala dosa sauce (a tomato-based sauce).

3. samosas: Crispy pastry filled with potatoes, peas, carrots, and onion inside a triangular shape and dipped in a clarified butter or curry sauce.

4. Pav bhaji: A Mumbai street food that combines pav (a kind of bread) soaked in a mixture of spices including cumin seeds, black cardamom pods, bay leaves, ginger – sometimes with lamb or chicken added – before being simmered on the stovetop until it’s cooked through. Then it’s topped with chopped onions and tomatoes before being sliced into small pieces and served.

5. Puriwich: Crispy flatbreads that are often filled with seasoned potato wafers that are then submerged in a chickpea masala or vegetable chutney mixture before being briefly popped in the oven to get crispy on the outside while still soft on the inside.

6. Pani puri:rice paper cups filled with boiled milk, spiced chickpeas or chaat masala (a mixture of herbs), sev (sesame seeds), chopped onions, boiled eggs, and lime juice for tangy taste.

7. Raanjana tamarind soup: Savory potage made from cookedsplit peas that are simmered in water overnight with bunching tamarind concentrate before finally blended with soy milk to create a rich flavor profile that pairs well with fluffy mawa naan bread made from wheat flour and turmeric for a subtle earthy color.

8. Kathirolla chaat: Also known as winged rye snacks made from roasted bajra (a type of cereal) kernels that have been ground into a thick paste alongwith spices like cumin seeds powder, black pepper flakes, cardamom pods, salt, mint leaves leaves, fry Emeril Lagasse-style until they attain an appetizing yellow-golden color while still maintaining theirshape intact.

9. Malai kulfi aka Mango ice cream: Rich Bengali specialty famous for its creamy texture thanks to the use of semi-solid mangoes which are slowly whipped into heavy cream while chunks of setTimeout() Gulab Jamun balls are added during freezing process which gives them the characteristic weird spikes all over their surface give them an “interesting” look making this dish irresistible to many tourists visiting India for the first time!

1. Vada Pav

2. Dhokla

3. Naan

4. Pakora

5. Puri

6. Samosa

7. Bhatura

8. Tandoori Chicken

9. Karahi Baingan

10. Papadum

11. Roti Prata

12. Biryani

13. Kheer

14. Kalwa Paratha

15. Lassi

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