Oats carrot kheer recipe | Oats paayasam with country sugar

What is oats carrot kheer recipe?

Oats carrot kheer is an interesting and tasty recipe that combines oats with carrots and milk. The main ingredients give the dish a sweet and creamy flavor, while the carrots add nutritional value and a nice crunch. The recipe is easy to make, and can be effortlessly incorporated into any meal plan or diet.

How to make oats carrot kher?

There are multiple methods you can use to make this dish, but the simplest way is to first prepare the oats by boiling them in water. Once boiling, add the carrots and cook until they are soft. Finally, mix in the milk and enjoy!

Learn how to cook an easy oats carrot kheer recipe with a classic southwest twist. This dessert is perfect for any time of year, but is especially popular in the winter months. Oats are simmered in a simple syrup with carrots, and then finished off with a creamy and sweet topping made from country sugar.

This delicious kheer can be served warm or cold, and is perfect for a holidays dinner or any special occasion.

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What are oats?

Oats are a cereal Grain and one of the three main sources of carbohydrate in the human diet. They areslow burning compared to other forms of carbohydrates such as sugar and starch and provide more fiber than most other types of food. They are an excellent source of soluble fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

How does oats play a role in this recipe?

Oats help to thicken the kheer and provide a creamy consistency. They also contribute to the color and flavor of the dish. In some cases, whole oat flour can be used instead of ground oats. In addition, they provide essential nutrients like magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium that are needed for plant growth.

Is there another grain that can be substituted for oats in this recipe?

Yes, another grain that can be substituted for oats in this recipe is wheat. Wheat is a whole grain that is slightly sweeter than oatmeal and lends a different flavor to the kheer. It also contains more protein than oatmeal which is beneficial for people who need more meat or eggs in their diet.

Health benefits of oats

Oats are known for their high levels of soluble fiber which helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels in people with diabetes or renal disease. They also contain cholesterol-lowering agents called phytonutrients which work together with vitamin A to help reduce the risk of eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. The mineral content of oats is also beneficial for health; including magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium which are all essential for plant growth


 10- 15 minutes

 2 people

  1. 1 carrot
  2. 20 g oats
  3. 5 raisins
  4. 5 cashew nuts
  5. 5 almonds
  6. 1 pinch cardamom powder
  7. 8 tsp country sugar
  8. 3 cups boiled milk
  9. 1 tbsp ghee

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