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PaneerTawa Corn Pav Bhaji

What is pav Bhaji?

Pav Bhaji is a classic Indian dish that consists of boiled mutton or chicken in a spiced yoghurt sauce. It is usually served with pav, which is actually a type of round bread made from wheat or rice flour and often soaked in water before baking.

How to make pav Bhaji?

Making Pav Bhaji at home is easy! All you need is mutton or chicken, Pav, onion, tomato sauce, spices, and pan fry until the meat is cooked through. Then add the yoghurt and cook until the sauce thickens. Serve hot with pav!

Here is a list of 7 must-have items for Pav Bhaji, or PaneerTawa Corn Pav, an Indian dish usually made with cottage cheese and corn.

Foods Used in Pav Bhaji:

-Paneer (cottage cheese)—a main ingredient in the dish

-Corn—used to bind the ingredients together, add flavor, and bulk up the mixture

-Cilantro—an herb commonly used in Indian cuisine and added for its flavor, texture, and color

-Tomato paste—a common pantry item that adds flavor and richness to the sauce

-Garlic paste—another common pantry item that provides garlic flavor and aroma to the dish

– Onion—added for its aromatics and sweetness

-Salt—to season the dish as desired

In India, there are numerous dishes that are representative of the regions they come from, and one such dish is PaneerTawa Corn Pav Bhaji. PaneerTawa is a type of cheese that is made in the rural areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. This dish is quite similar to what we might call tava corn pav in the United States, but there are some key differences that set it apart.

Paneer stands for paneer cheese, Pav means pav (bread), and bhaji means sandwich. In this dish, paneer is melted into a corn sauce and served on freshly toasted buns. The texture of the paneer is delicate enough that it doesn’t overpower the other flavors in the dish, but it can hold its own when combined with the sweetness of the corn and spices. The dish can be enjoyed as an appetizer or main course and can be spiced up to your preference. For those who are dairy-free or gluten-free, this dish may be a good option for them because the paneer is made from milk derivatives and wheat flour isn’t used as an ingredient

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